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Palmolein is the liquid fraction obtained from fractionation of palm oil. The fractionation process involves a physical process of cooling the oil under controlled conditions to low temperatures, followed by filtration of the crystals through membrane press.

It is the most widely used cooking and frying oil in Pakistan. Main applications of RBD Palmolein include salad and cooking oils in households, industrial frying fat of instant noodles, potato chips, doughnuts and condensed milk.

RBD Palmolein is cholesterol-free and contains vitamin D and E. It has high stability to oxidation and is nutritionally healthy with a balanced composition. We have different packaging sizes and quality for palmolein. We sell loose palmolein which is sold in tankers. We also contract produce and package for customers using their own brands

Palm Olein, Cotton Seed Oil, Soybean Oil

SB Fresh Fry Pouch

Available in:
1 – kg X 05 pouches
1 – kg X 12 pouches

SB Fresh Fry Tin

Available in:
16 – ltrs Tin
16 – kg Kg