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SB Gold Banaspati | Sadiq Oil Extraction (Private) Limited


Good for Healthy Life

SB Gold Banaspati is the healthiest banaspati available in Pakistan, because it’s Trans Fat Level is minimum.
The rich flavour of SB Gold Banaspati along with its healthy nutritious structure ensures a delicious and wholesome meal.
Fortified with Vitamins A&D₃
Vitamin A 35-45 IU/gm
Vitamin D₃ 3-4.5 IU/gm

Canola Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Palm Olein, Soyabean Oil, Sunflower Oil.

SB Gold Banaspati Pouch

Available in:
1 – kg X 05 pouches
1 – kg X 12 pouches
½ – kg X 24 pouches
¼ – kg X 48 pouches
100 – gm X 60 pouche

SB Gold Banaspati Bucket

Available in:
2.5 – kg Bucket
5 – kg Bucket
10 – kg Bucket
16 – kg Bucket

SB Gold Banaspati Tin

Available in:
2.5 – kg Tin
5 – kg Tin
16 – kg Tin