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About Us | Sadiq Oil Extraction (Private) Limited

About US

Sadiq Group is one of the leading poultry business groups of Pakistan. The Group is unique in its commitment to innovate and provide premium quality poultry products.  Sadiq Group has always sought its core values from integrity and customer satisfaction. The Group’s progress is based on its corporate objective to be ahead in everything.

Sadiq Group launched SB Gold Banaspati, Cooking Oil & Canola Oil, is produced in most modern plant with international food safety standards Bureau Veritas 1828.  Cooking oil and Banaspati is marketed through a network of distributors and reach to consumers

Financial strength of the Group has enabled it to create an effective image and a legitimate landmark in diverse sectors of the economy. The Group has continuously invested in its existing operations and has also developed new business areas of interest.  

 Sadiq Group came into existence around 4 decades ago, as a small family concern of Dr. Muhammad Sadiq. Over the years it has made phenomenal growth to become one of the leading entrepreneur in Pakistan.  The Group has the following products and services in poultry sector:-

  • SB Chicks –       Day Old Chicks,

  • SB Feeds –        Poultry Feed (mash, crumbs or pellets)

  • SB Pharma–      Veterinary pharmaceuticals (for poultry and livestock)

  • SB Labs-           Poultry diagnostic laboratory

  • SB Eggs–           Fresh table eggs

  • SB Chicken-      Fresh Chicken meat

  • SB Egg Trays-  From Environment Friendly Paper Pulp

  • SB Organic-      Natural Fertilizer made from Manure

 Following entities are working under the umbrella of Sadiq Group:

  • Sadiq Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • Sadiq Feeds (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • SB Pharma

  • SB Packages

  • Sadiq Oil Extraction (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • Arslan Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • Dr. Sadiq Foundation.

The group has sales offices in all major cities of Pakistan and a network of agents in all towns of the country, the corporate headquarter is in Rawalpindi. 

The capital strength of the group is well known in Pakistan and abroad with annual turnover exceeding Pak Rupees 26 Billion (258 Million US$) in 2012-13. 

A small family business has now evolved into a historic driven set up involving 6000 families directly and around 300,000, indirectly.